Floor Guide


Total guest rooms:126rooms
Single Room:123rooms
Deluxe single Room:1room
Twin Room:2rooms

10F Guest room
9F Guest room(Non-smoking floor)
8F Guest room・Vending machine・Coin laundry
7F Guest room(Non-smoking floor)
6F Guest room
5F Guest room(Non-smoking floor)
4F Guest room・Vending machine
3F Guest room(Non-smoking floor)
2F Guest room(Non-smoking floor)
1F The front desk・Lobby・Soleil Room・Vending machine



Welcome coffee service

I give coffee free in a lobby.
After arrival a time before the departure,
Please spend it relaxedly.




※ Careful
When you are going to arrive and pass more than two hours from time, please contact me by all means.
When there is not notification, I may cancel a reservation.


From Monday to Friday 10:00
Saturday, Sundays and holidays 12:00

●Extension extra charge

[10:00~13:00] 30% of room rates

[10:00~15:00] 50% of room rates

[15:00以降] 100% of room rates

●Free hand towel service

Depending on a season, I give a hand towel free.
I came back through the hand towel which was cold on a hot day with a warm hand towel in my home on a cold day
I wish that I want you to feel security and have it for a heart of the warm hospitality.

Credit Card


Cancellation Rate

The cancellation fee will have it as follows.

A non-night without the communication: 100% of hotel charges


Other Service

● It supports the front for 24 hours
● Vending machine
● Coin laundry (pay)
● Bicycle (rental)
● Umbrella (rental)
● Cleaning service (pay)
● Copy fax (pay)
● Home delivery reception desk arrangement (pay)
● Wake-up call
● Newspaper sale
● Massage (pay)
● Restroom for the barrier-free


Guest Room

Single Room



● The number of the rooms: 123 rooms
● A bed: Semi-double bed



Deluxe Single Room

● The number of the rooms: One room
● A bed: Double bed
● It is available in the double room.
● Special amenity & accessories: Air cleaner

Twin Room

● The number of the rooms: Two rooms
● A bed: Single Bet *1, semi-double bed *1



Couple Room

Bath Room

A comfortable, clean bathroom.
I refresh the fatigue of work and the trip!
● It is equipped with Washlet in all rooms


● Towel ● bath towel ● body soap
● Conditioner in shampoo ● toothbrushing set
● Razor ● yukata ● slippers ● tea set


● Bus shower ● Washlet ● air-conditioning ● 20 inches LCD television
● Satellite broadcasting (free) ● communication satellite broadcasting (pay)
Paid broadcast TV card 1000 yen per night (from 15:00 check-in to next morning 10:00)
● Telephone ● refrigerator (the sky) ● kettle pot ● tea server ● Fabry's
● Dryer ● desk lamp (rental) ● pants presser (rental) ● iron (rental)
● Humidifier (rental) ● sewing set (rental) ● cotton swab ● shower cap ● low-elasticity pillow (rental)
● Shaving gel ● harder pillow (rental) ● small kettle pot (rental)
● Thermometer (rental) ● ice non (rental) ● nail clippers (rental)
● Battery charger (rental) of Internet connection (LAN form) ● cell-phone

※ The rental equipment has a limit to a number. Because I may be loaning it, thank you for your understanding.
※ Please bring a your other PC on the occasion of the use on the Internet.
(I do the paid rental of note PC, but a number includes a limit.)



Breakfast of Momma of a lot of love

For a heart of mother who prays for "wanting you to do your best well all day long today." saying "I want you to come home safely,"
I only cook breakfast hard faithfully.
Please enjoy Japanese food, the Western food menu that you still change every day in a meal meeting place of leaving it open in a buffet form.


Western food menu

● Roll of bread ● day substitute side dish
● Green vegetable salad ● boiled egg
● Coffee, tea, orange juice, tea

Japanese food menu

● Rice ● miso soup ● fish, day substitute side dish
● Pickle ● raw egg ● Laver

Meal Place

Hotel 1F soleil room

French that the soleil means the sun.
I entertain all of you by a heartfelt meal warmly brightly like the sun.


Breakfast use time 6:30-9:30

It is most suitable for early departure.
In the soleil room, a meeting is available for meetings a pleasant chat.


Access Map

A turning point of Kagoshima Main Line and Nagasaki Main Line.
Sun hotel Tosu of Tosu-shi, Saga located at the turning point of Kyushu Expressway, Nagasaki Expressway, Oita Expressway.
Staying, please use sun hotel Tosu for business as an active action base in leisure.


Guidance of Transportation

By car

● Kyushu Expressway / Nagasaki Expressway / Oita Expressway⇒Tosu interchange⇒You arrive by car in approximately 10 minutes
>NEXCO西日本 鳥栖ジャンクション分岐案内NAVI


■Guidance of the parking lot

● Equipped with free parking lot (the first parking lot, the second parking lot). 50 accommodation is possible.
※ It becomes the first-come-first-served basis.
※ Sorry for your inconvenience, but the second parking lot, please receive a coin on the occasion of entrance for a coin-type chain gate at the front desk.
※ The visitor who can come by large cars such as a truck or the bus, please contact me on the telephone willingly.
More than 2t, the large cars more than 5m are charged.
TEL 0942-87-3939

By a train

● Is a limited express to Tosu Station than Hakata Station; approximately 20 minutes⇒It is approximately 1 minutes on foot from Tosu Station
● Is a limited express to Tosu Station than Nagasaki Station; approximately one hour 30 minutes⇒It is approximately 1 minutes on foot from Tosu Station
○ It is a 1-minute walk in the left hand front than JR Tosu Station wicket exit.


By air

● Fukuoka Airport ⇒ Fukuoka municipal subway six minutes ⇒ Is a limited express to Tosu Station than JR Hakata Station; approximately 20 minutes ⇒It is approximately 1 minutes on foot from Tosu Station
●Saga Airport⇒Airport bus 35 minutes⇒From JR Saga Station is approximately 25 minutes to Tosu Station⇒It is approximately 1 minutes on foot from Tosu Station
○ It is a 1-minute walk in the left hand front than JR Tosu Station wicket exit.